Next Generation SSH

Secure, easy terminal access from any browser

  • Connect from anywhere
  • Easy to configure and manage
  • More secure than traditional SSH
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Browser-based SSH:
Cost effective, secure, and convenient

Teclada keeps your team seamlessly connected to servers and workstations. It is incredibly easy to use and provides unparalleled security controls.

No Apps or Installs: Works Anywhere

Getting work done with Teclada is easy because all you need to get connected is a web browser. No downloading, installing, or learning tools built back in the '90s. Teclada is always just a click away on every major browser and operating system.

Zero Network Configuration. No Open Ports.

Teclada's turn-key platform works on any network without requiring your servers to have a static IP or custom firewall rules. And, it does not depend on incoming connections or open ports.

One Server or Multi-cloud:
Ready to Scale

Desktop PCs, datacenters, AWS, GCP, Azure and beyond: Teclada enables you to access, manage, and audit the activity of your entire fleet from a single unified platform.

Real-time Terminal Sharing and Resumption

Open the same terminal across multiple devices and tabs. Instantly pick up where you left off without losing progress even if your connection drops. Multiple users can all see and type in the same terminal at the same time, just like a Google Doc.

Powerful, Intuitive Access Control

Sharing access to a system is as simple as entering an email address. Our role-based access control makes it easy to quickly authorize someone to login as any Linux user on a computer. No more SSH key management mess, account creation, or password sharing. Our granular roles empower your users and IT admins to accomplish exactly what they need to do their job.

Tamperproof History and Compliance

Every command and action taken on your systems is proactively logged and reviewable. Unlike traditional SSH history tracking, Teclada safely records all activity before it even reaches your systems. We satisfy your compliance and security needs with easy to use search tools, automated security alerts, and dashboards.

Multi-party Approvals ("2 player mode") and Privileged Access for Oncall

Protect your most sensitive systems by preventing unilateral action. Ensure that your oncall engineers are accessing production services only while they hold the pager. Or allow for escorted access in real-time with multi-party approvals on a command-by-command basis and even live interaction tools.

Plans & Pricing

Worry-free 30 day money back guarantee


Free (non-commercial use)
30 Days of History
10 Systems
Email Support
Self-Service Onboarding
Multi-tenant Hosting
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$100 /month
Includes 10 users
120 Days of History
150 Systems
Priority Support
Professional Onboarding
Multi-tenant Hosting
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$500 /month
Includes 20 users
Unlimited History
500 Systems
Priority Support
Dedicated Cloud Hosting
White-glove onboarding
SSO Integration
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Advanced Security
Multi-Party Approvals and
Time-Restricted Access
Supports Offline and
Air-Gapped Networks
Dedicated Support Team
Dedicated Cloud Hosting,
On-Prem, or
Physical Appliance
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Academic Institutions and Cloud Providers: Reach out to learn how we can uniquely support your organization.