The most advanced terminal:
built for teams, loved by developers

Access your computers from anywhere, collaborate seamlessly with multiple users in real-time, and enjoy advanced features like visual autocomplete and AI integration - all in your browser.

Realtime Collaboration
Work together seamlessly by sharing a single terminal, allowing multiple users to simultaneously view, edit and execute commands. Security is maintained by setting view-only mode for some users.
Multiple, Persistent Sessions
Keep your sessions intact and uninterrupted, even if you disconnect or switch devices, with the ability to run multiple sessions at once, each with different layouts.
AI Assistance
Transform plain English into advanced command sequences quickly and accurately with our AI-powered assistance feature.
Firewall-friendly Access
Connect securely to remote computers even when they are behind firewalls or a NAT, without any configuration changes or the need for a VPN.
Cross Platform
Access and manage both Mac and Linux devices, as well as your local machine's terminal, from anywhere with an internet connection.
Powerful Access Control
Manage access securely and effortlessly with our web-based access control that allows for role-based permissions and sharing by email address. Just like sharing a Google Doc.
History Retention
Keep track of your command history easily with our centralized and searchable history feature, that allows you to quickly find and reuse past commands, even across multiple sessions.
Works With Any Browser
Access your terminal from any system with a browser, no matter where you are, without the need for additional software installations.
Remote Access, Redefined
Teclada simplifies access by operating without traditional SSH. Say goodbye to the headaches of dynamic IPs, SSH keys, and server configurations. No machine configuration nor maintenance required.
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